wedding vows

Are you and your partner a unique couple? Then you may want to choose to recite unique vows at your wedding. Whether you want to sing your vows, say them in a different language or have them tattooed on each other, your vows are an important part of the wedding and should reflect your personalities.

Unique vows don’t have to be bizarre, but can be anything out of the box like traditional phrases mixed with inside jokes. They can even be as simple as straight to the point sentences on what you each promise to bring to the marriage. If you and your couple want to create unique vows, here are a few good places to start looking for ideas:

1) Family heirloom vows: Did your parents or great grandparents use a specific set of vows that you admire? Keep the family tradition going and use the same vows that past family members used for a unique twist to your ceremony. Even if the language is a little dated (for vows dating way back, you can replace the “thee’s” and “thou’s”) it will be a very romantic way to honor your family as you start one of your own.

2) Culturally significant vows: Blending two very different cultures with your marriage? Consider writing vows that blend languages or traditional religious vows into one of your own.

3) Fun and silly vows: Marrying someone that’s a real cut up? Let them clown around a little on your wedding day. As long as you aren’t poking fun at each other in a hurtful way, this is a great way to show your friends and family that your marriage will be a playful one and full of joy.

4) Set them to music: Got a lyrical side? Write your vows in song for a different type of ceremony if you are musically inclined. This is a great unique way to say “I love you” for musicians and singers.

5) Tell it like it is: If you and your partner are straightforward kind of people, then just say your vows like you really mean it. If flowery words aren’t for you, then don’t feel afraid to keep your words straight and to the point without a bunch of poetry. Simple sentences like “I promise to be a faithful, loving wife/husband” are honest and to the point, and just as significant as “mushy” vows.

Whatever you decide, make sure that you have a plan for your unique vows on your special day. Don’t make them too unique by deciding to do impromptu, on the spot vows that you have to think of off the top of your head. “Umm’s” and “Uh’s” aren’t very romantic, and standing in front of a room full of people may put too much pressure on a bride or groom to think up vows on the spot.

If you do opt for unique vows, don’t feel like you can’t add a dash of traditional wedding exchanges in with your own interpretations. Make your vows as unique and special as your soon-to-be-spouse and have fun on your big day!