Here are 5 tips to help you understand the things to look out for when shopping for an engagement ring.

chipped diamond

#1 Diamond Clarity Myths And Tips

Since the beauty of a diamond comes from the unique reflections of light within the stone, the worst flaw one can possibly imagine is an inclusion smack right in the middle of a large diamond.

We recommend that you buy diamonds above the VS2 grade as they usually don’t contain offensive looking inclusions.

Now, the important thing to take note is that most inclusions do not affect the outward beauty of the stone. As long as the diamond is eyeclean, having inclusions or not doesn’t really matter. The truth is, even if you inspect the diamond under a 10X loupe, the inclusions are very hard to detect for untrained people.

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#2 Don’t Buy Into the Marketing Fluff of Ideal Cut Diamonds

If the purpose of the industry would be to only buy and sell flawless, ideally cut, colorless diamonds of at least five carats each, then they would probably throw everything that does not meet these criteria out of the windows. Since the industry does not work like this and have been operating that way for centuries, there must be a reason.

And there is. If everything was made of gold and diamonds, jewelry would not have their special value and place in society. Furthermore, if every diamond was ideally cut, then the “ideal cut” would no longer be such a wanted property to have.

An ideal diamond is one that is beautiful to the eyes of a consumer and not how great the stone sounds based on a piece of paper.

#3 Don’t Get Mislead In the Jewelry Stores

Most salespeople in jewelry stores have poor diamond knowledge and can easily mislead consumers with the wrong information. I had personally experienced salespeople who describe round brilliants as a 58 facets cut while some others describe it as a 57 facets cut.

The reason they do this is to sound impressive with their “technical” knowledge. I don’t like it because it confuses the daylights out of people and I often get emails from readers for clarification.

The best way to avoid getting ripped off is to do your prior research before you go shopping.

#4 Choosing Fancy Shaped Diamonds With ASET

Choosing fancy cuts is usually a tougher process. Unlike the round diamonds, GIA reports for fancy shaped diamonds do not come with pavilion angles, crown height, crown angles and etc…

This is why an understanding of the physical dimensions to the stone’s weight is important in helping you have a better judgment of the diamond’s cut. Make use of an ASET image to help you determine light performance,


#5 Avoid Using Colored Metal Settings

People tend to use either white gold or platinum if the main stone is a white colorless diamond. This is because a yellow gold setting would cause the main diamond to pick up a yellow tinge in its body.

We hope these tips will help you in your search for the perfect stone. Good luck!