butterfly theme wedding

If you love all things summery and shimmering, then you probably love butterflies as well. These gorgeous, magical little beings pop up all over the place as soon as flowers start to show their faces, and no warm season would be the same without them. They come in all sizes and colours, and are perfect symbols of the new life you and your spouse will share together.

You can incorporate your butterfly theme a variety of ways, from subtle little accents here and there, to full-fledged over-the-top, main stage attraction. Let’s go a bit wild with our planning here, and aim for something a bit more lively, shall we?

White and cream wedding dresses are always classy, but don’t be afraid to kick things up a notch. Or five. You can find a variety of wedding dresses that incorporate the butterfly theme, or you could always wear a pair of lifelike wings in your favourite colour!

If you’re hesitant to be too flighty yourself, you can always deck out your flower girls with little wings – they can get away with anything. Add in butterfly hairpins or a fascinator with flowery flutterers, or if you choose to go with a veil, you could arrange silk butterflies in varied shapes and colours all over it as though they’re trailing behind you.

For your bouquet, consider an arrangement of paper butterflies on sticks and faux blooms; make it look as though an entire flock of these ephemeral friends has graced you with their enchanted presence for the day.

butterfly diamond ring

Jewellery can either take flutter-by form as well, or pop out in hues of your chosen palette. If this is a same-gender wedding, the brides can accessorize in complementary tones, or else the groom can pick one of the colours in the bride’s ensemble and add in a tie, cuff links or socks to match. For a matching diamond ring, you might want to check out the flower engagement ring designs here

Decor-wise, butterflies can be incorporated everywhere. Begin with invitations and RSVP cards with butterfly motifs, and move on from there. Garlands, lanterns, napkin rings, and centrepieces can all have butterflies dancing upon them, and you can even use a different winged wonder for each table in lieu of a number.

Butterfly-shaped appetisers and cookies can grace side tables, and though it would be difficult to incorporate your theme into main dishes, you can make up for it with dessert: a cascade of edible sugar paste butterflies can dance across your wedding cake, and you can get your baker to tint the cream fillings inside with bright blue or yellow to coordinate with your palette and bring a dash of colour to an unexpected place.

For take-away gifts, consider packets of native wildflower seeds that are known to attract butterflies. Gifts for your bridesmaids can also include jewellery that incorporates your theme, like butterfly-shaped earrings, necklaces, brooches, or rings. This is a gorgeous, unique theme that allows for so much imagination and creativity, and you can have an incredible amount of fun with it.