Destination weddings are quite different from those at home—not only are you planning a celebration in a place you may not have visited yet, but you’re likely to have a much smaller number attending (unless you manage to convince a hundred people to fly to your island of choice to see you married off).

These ceremonies are perfect for smaller groups who all love sun and sand, especially if they’ll be hanging around for a few days afterwards to celebrate with you! Check out Sandals resorts for some of the great wedding packages they offer, which include the ceremony, reception, flowers/décor and honeymoon options.

weddings on beach

For a colour palette, let’s skip the bright aqua and fuchsia that many go with, and aim for a more elegant selection: hues inspired by a Caribbean sunset, in lilac, indigo, peach, and citrine.

With a palette like this, aim to have your wedding in the evening so you can revel in the glorious sunset just after saying your vows, and your makeup won’t be melting under the bright midday sun. A crisp white wedding gown would be stunning in that environment, with simple strappy sandals and a bouquet of luscious local blooms.

Bridal party members can be decked out in shades from that sunset palette, and you can coordinate your accessories to match: perhaps amethyst earrings, purple and peach flowers in your hair, and a lilac wrap for later in the evening.

The groom and his men can wear white as well, accented with indigo or deep sapphire accents and citrine boutonnieres. As far as shoes go, if you don’t want to wear sandals and your guy doesn’t want to lace himself into shoes, you can always go barefoot! Those perfectly-groomed beaches are ideal for scrunching toes into during your ceremony.

The same tropical flowers used in your bouquet can be displayed on tables for the reception, in amongst lanterns and bowls of water with floating candles. Let your place settings be in lush jewel tones, with flower petals scattered on the table’s surface.

Take advantage of the fresh seafood and produce of the Islands, with a menu that highlights the best and brightest of the region’s speciality fare. Vibrant seafood and spicy main dishes team up gorgeously with fresh fruit and vegetables, and you can end the evening with mango ice cream and wedding cake!

You don’t have to worry about travelling to your suite afterwards (as it’s right onsite), and whether your guests stick around for a couple of days, or if it’s just you and your sweetheart in that absolute paradise, you can spend your honeymoon swimming in the ocean, getting massages, walking along the beach, or just curled up together on the sand with sippy drinks, and doing absolutely nothing.